Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana


Platinum Arowana

One of the freshwater fish having a bony appearance is the platinum arowana. This fish looks even more charmed because of its long, slender body and metallic-gold-like scales. This fish belongs to the Osteoglossidae family in the fish hierarchy. The majority of fish in this family will have an extended body and a bony head. Since it appears to be enormous and weighty with an exquisite shine pattern, the scales are also varied. The Super Arowana is overlaid softly and extensively. This fish’s head and body are also distinctive in that its teeth have an upward-looking pattern.


Platinum Arowana

Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, often known as the platinum-arowana, is a very rare species of arowana fish with almost no color on its body. It is a freshwater fish from the tropics. It is a very predatory fish that is very aggressive. They need to be housed in very big fish tanks as a result.

Southeast Asia is the home of Platinum Arowanas, often known as the “dragon fish” or “Asian Arowana.” The platinum-Arowana can also be found in Australia and South America in addition to Asia. platinum arowana breeding

Platinum-Arowana The Most Expensive Fish

One of the freshwater fish having a bony appearance is the platinum arowana. This fish seems even more fascinating because of its long, thin body and metallic-gold-like scales. This fish is a member of the Osteoglossidae family in the fish kingdom. The majority of the fish in this family have an extended body and a bony head. The scales are also different since it has a lovely shining pattern and seems big and weighty. The Super Arowana has many lengthy layers and is silky. The upward-pointing teeth on the fish’s head give it another distinctive feature. why is platinum arowana so expensive

Characteristic of the Arowana

If you wish to keep this unusual fish in your aquarium, you may need to be aware of a few of its quirks. The fish referred to as a “osteoglossid” (Arowana) has a distinct eating behavior. Unlike the majority of fish, which consume plankton, insects, and occasionally small birds as well. As a result, it is regarded as a carnivorous fish. platinum super red arowana

Arowana can even spew water into the air in a wild environment. One of the craziest and rarest creatures, this fish is amazingly pricey because to its ability to fly and capture its prey, such as insects. He is intelligent and has a superhuman speed. Because of this, you might want a tank with extra thick glass if you want to carry it home and put it in your tank. platinum arowana lifespan

What Does the Platinum Eat?

Among other animals, these fish have been observed eating fish, birds, mice, and even snakes. Insects, crustaceans, small fish, and aquatic creatures that bob to the surface of the water make up the majority of their diet. where is platinum arowana found

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Platinum Arowana

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