Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana

Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana


Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana

One of the coolest aro’s you can find in the tropical fish hobby is the Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana
(also known as Blue Arowana)! These days, these people might be pretty hard to come by. They are the closest thing to a “exotic Arowana” you can find because Asian Arowanas are forbidden in the US. Make sure to secure yours right away because these guys only come in so frequently each year.

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Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana

Base Blue Arowana commonly known as the Malaysian golden blue base arowana, is a fish. Malaysia is where the Crossback Golden Arowana is from. They frequently juxtapose a strong base hue with a dazzling golden look. The Blue Base species has undergone careful breeding and selection to achieve a beautiful Blue Base Color that contrasts with rich Golden Scales. Fish tanks for sale

Due to the golden hue crossing over the sixth level of scales (the very top of the back), providing a full-bodied and complete coverage of color, this pattern is known as the “Crossback.” Early color development results in frequently extremely distinct scale color by 8 to 10 inches. Any keeper of arowanas should have one of these beautiful and regal varieties. Pictured is a Special Variation of Malaysian Blue Base Golden Arowana Crossback from Panda, which is available individually in our store. Asian arowana for sale

Buy Malaysian golden blue base arowana Fish

Online shops for Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana The Premium blue bases are very elegant and timeless. Their lengths range from 5 to 32 inches, and they can reach 35 inches in height. They all have licenses, certificates of authenticity, certificates of origin, and Cites, as well as quality assurance certificates. Arowana for sale

In The Wild: Arowana Overview

Fish species known as arowanas are members of the extinct osteoglossidae family. This particular species of fish is sometimes (very oddly) referred to as “bony tongues” because of a toothed bone plate that is attached to the lower section of their mouth. These fish live in the inland waterways of South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They have lengthy bodies coated in thick scales, and at the point of their lower jaw are a distinctive pair of barbells. Baby arowana for sale

Arowanas are frequently referred to as “dragon fish” or “shui long” in Mandarin because of their appearance (particularly in Asian nations). Arowanas are said to bring luck since they resemble a typical Chinese dragon, according to folklore. They are very predatory fish that you frequently observe gracefully patrolling the water’s surface.

In captivity, arowanas can live for more than twenty years. That exceeds the majority of domestic dogs! Even unsubstantiated claims of arowanas living for close to FIFTY years have surfaced. Given this, it is undeniable that maintaining an arowana requires dedication over an extended period of time.

The arowana appears in literature and is referred to as “the world’s most coveted fish” in the book The Dragon Behind the Glass by Emily Voigt. It is perhaps the most popular and sought-after freshwater monster fish in the entire globe.

Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana FAQ

What is the best food for blue base arowana?

worms, flies, tiny frogs, shrimp, fish, and cow hearts, among other things.

How many times a day should I feed my arowana?

To keep up with their quick development rate, small arowanas need to be fed high-quality food twice a day. As they get bigger, both their growth and metabolism slow down. Naturally, they will eat less and have a smaller appetite. Sub-adults could be fed to adults once a day.

How do I know if my arowana is healthy?

Arowana Scales ought to be entire and radiantly gleaming. Scale coloration must to be uniform and distinct. Scales shouldn’t be deteriorating. Any holes or injuries on the head should be absent. Malaysian golden crossback blue base arowana

What do arowana like in their tank?

Additionally, you might think about keeping their tank in a room with less traffic in your house. Arowana require a lot of space without abrupt movements or intense lights because of their timid character. You should strive to keep your water at a constant temperature of between 75 and 82 degrees with a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Malaysian golden blue base arowana price

What is a blue arowana?

The Black Arowana (sometimes referred to as Blue Arowana) is a sought-after species in South America due to its vivid iridescent color and orange-trimmed black fins. It is found in blackwater parts of the Rio Negro, upper Orinoco, and Vaupes rivers.

What colors are African arowana?

The hue of this fish is gray, brown, or bronze. Adults have uniform coloration, however juveniles frequently have black longitudinal bands. African arowanas can survive in water with low oxygen levels thanks to air-breathing mechanisms on their branchiate.

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Golden Blue Base Arowana

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