Leichardti Arowana

Leichardti Arowana


Leichardti Arowana

Southern Australia is the source of the Leichardti arowana for sale. They are also known as spotted barramundi and Australian spotted arowanas. This kind of fish thrives in captivity and has developed a feeding preference for pellets and frozen foods, much like Jardini arowanas do. They frequently remain at the aquarium’s bottom, in contrast to other arowanas who frequently remain there. Arowanas from the genus Leichardti are uncommon aquarium fish.


Leichardti Arowana

Leichardti-arowanas, also known as spotted barramundi and Australian spotted arowanas, are available for purchase. Fish of this species have adapted to living in bonds and prospering on pellets and frozen food sources, much like Jardini arowanas do. While other arowanas will typically stay at the tank’s outer layer, they will frequently stay in the lower portion of the aquarium.

The aquarium fish Leichardti-arowanas are not well-known. Sex: Focuses are made on a relationship between head size and orientation that is 70% accurate.
The Leichardti-Arowana, also known as the Saratoga Arowana or the Spotted Australian Arowana, typically grows to a length of 4 inches.

the highly sought-after, interesting arowana that so many people have been looking for. These arowanas simply arrive so often that it is guaranteed that they will sell quickly. Currently gaining from live bloodworms and feeders, having been obtained from the wild and nurtured in tanks. The fish you see in the images and video are the actual fish we have that you may purchase.  leichardti pearl arowana

Contrast Between Jardini Arowana and Leichardti arowana sale?

This question has been frequently asked of us by many fish keepers as we choose which arowana to choose. The question is typically how to tell a Jardini from a Leichardti. The following characteristics describe the Leichardti-Arowana (Scleropages leichardti): leichardti arowana size

their head is in line with their back in a straight dorsal profile.

Straight barbs are present.

On the balances, there are tiny red specks.

Red patches are perceived as the center of their scales.

Their gill cover doesn’t provide any examples.

Silver shading

The Jardini Arowana (Scleropages jardini):

The head is angled downward, and the dorsal profile is slightly bent.

Barbels are pointing downward.

The blades have two or three large red dots.

The red bows on the scales

Gill Covers has an illustration.

Shades are a pale bronze.

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Leichardti Arowana

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