Geochelone elegans is the name of the species.

sex:       sexless

Dimensions:    2-4 inches in length

Diet consists of grass, vegetation, fruit, and a prepared meal.

Image : Illustration

Tortoises, Exotic Pets, are their Categories

The Indian-Star tortoise is a little tortoise with a vivid yellow pattern that can be found in India and Sri Lanka. These little tortoises, which can grow up to 10 inches long and weigh up to 5 pounds, are friendly creatures that are difficult to come by in the pet trade. Our baby Indian-Star tortoises for sale are healthy, captive-bred and born specimens that have been raised in the best possible environment.



The Indian-Star tortoise is a little tortoise with a vivid yellow pattern that can be found in India and Sri Lanka. These little tortoises, which can grow up to 10 inches long and weigh up to 5 pounds, are friendly creatures that are difficult to come by in the pet trade. Our baby Indian Star tortoises for sale are healthy, captive-bred and born specimens that have been raised in the best possible environment.

Indian-Star tortoise hatchlings and baby Indian-Star tortoises are available for purchase at Ranchofexoticbreeds. Are you looking to buy a larger Indian-Star tortoise? Yearlings and juvenile tortoises are also available for purchase online. Our adult Indian-Star tortoises for sale are some of the most beautiful Indian-Star tortoises in the world. Our scientist has put together one of the most beautiful breeding groups of Indian Star tortoises in the world. As a result, we are able to offer some of the most beautiful young Indian-Star tortoises for sale online. When looking for the best tortoise breeders, only captive bred baby tortoises for sale should be considered.

Tortoise of the Indian Star

Caring for an Indian-star for sale is rather simple if you put in the effort to learn. Russian tortoises are little tortoises that only require a modest habitat when fully mature, about 24′ in length, however more is usually ideal. Female Russian tortoises can be housed in groups of up to six, however the size of each female should be four cubic feet greater. It’s fine to utilize a tortoise table or a tortoise housing kit; just keep an eye on the temperature and humidity. Higher humidity is the most important factor for a newborn tortoise’s survival. indian star tortoise life span

Humidity and Indian-Star Tortoises

All infant tortoise species, including the Testudo tortoise family, require a high level of humidity. Baby Indian-Star tortoises require a humidity level of around 75%. When housed indoors, the habitats tend to be drier, therefore some effort will be required to increase humidity when necessary. Using a lid or other closed system will be really beneficial.

All of our baby star tortoise species, as well as many others, are raised in controlled environments with high humidity and little air movement at the Turtle Store. We have mastered the skill of rearing these exquisite Indian-Star tortoise hatchlings after years of breeding adult Indian-Star tortoises.

Temperature of the Indian-Star Tortoise

The ambient temperature for baby Indian-Star tortoises for sale should be 86 degrees. A cold area of 80 degrees is fine, and a warm region of 95 degrees is also nice, but the ambient temperature is still the most significant factor. Our main concern at Turtle Store is maintaining a comfortable temperature.

We place a greater emphasis on this than on the commonly discussed temperature gradient. We discovered that tortoises thrive at a median temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which we currently maintain throughout our daytime cage temps. Evening temperatures are allowed to drop into the high 70s, although the tortoises appear to be a touch warmer and “muggier” due to the slow moving, humid air.

Diet of the Indian-Star Tort

When it comes to what to feed your new Indian-Star tortoise, variety is crucial. It’s not about one thing; it’s about providing a diverse selection of high-quality greens and vegetables. You won’t “overdose” your tortoise on certain foods if you provide a variety. Spinach, for example, is a no-no. If you feed spring mix that has spinach as one of the 15 ingredients, you won’t have to worry about spinach as much.

If all you ever feed your animals is spring mix, you have a problem. We cut Romaine, Kale, Dandelion, Spring Mix, Endive, Collard, Mustard, and Beet Greens every day at Turtle Store. We also soak our mazuri tortoise food in water containing a 50:50 mixture of calcium, D3, and Vionate (a multi-vitamin and mineral powder).

Water from the Indian-Star Tortoise

It is preferable to provide your newborn Indian Star access to water, and regular soaking is essential. Soak your baby tortoise in a shallow dish with opaque sides so it can’t see out. Once a day, soak for 10 minutes in 85-88 degree warm water. Each morning, soak your tortoise and then place them directly on top of their pile of greens and Mazuri. Establishing a daily regimen for your tortoise, if possible, will be really beneficial.

UVB lighting for Indian-Star Tortoises

All tortoises, even baby Indian-Star tortoises, need to be exposed to UVB rays. A Reptisun UVB 10.0 lamp with a T5 bulb is recommended (tube style). Screw-in lamps, such as the cheap spirals, are not suggested since they have a small coverage radius. Consider a tortoise that is constantly exposed to UVB and UVA from all sides. Indian star tortoise hatchling

Consider the exposure they’ll get in their natural habitat, whether it’s inside or outside your home, and try to match it. Isn’t it difficult? You’ll get the finest results if you use a T5 high-output light. The 10% lamp is fine for distances of 15-24′′ above the tortoise, but a 12 percent bulb is advised for lengths of 15-24′′ above the turtle. In our opinion, Arcadia UVB lamps are the best; they are a little more expensive, but they last twice as long. Indian star tortoise lifespan

Habitat of the Indian-Star Tortoise

Baby Indian Stars can be found in even the tiniest of knitwear boxes. These function because maintaining a high level of humidity is important. Although using a fish tank is not suggested, it can be effective if properly set up. You’ll want to cover the sides so the tort can’t look out, as this will make him or her anxious, and they’ll want to escape through the clear see-through side all the time (s). We like to utilize reptile basics’ 24′′x15′′x48′′ long PVC style single glass front reptile cages. Fitting them out with a 36′′ T5 10.0 fixture for UVB is simple. Indian star tortoise habitat

Substrate for Indian-Star Tortoises

We propose a 50:50 blend of potting soil and potting mix as a substrate (organic). Make sure there are no additives or fertilizers in your tort’s food because they could harm it. Because baby Indian Star tortoises burrow, supplying 4 inches of substrate and watering it down with a pressure sprayer on a daily basis is recommended. Spraying the soil and your tort(s) in the morning to create the illusion of morning dew works. Indian star tortoise uses

If your turtle chooses to burrow, this also has the added benefit of producing an extremely humid microclimate for them. Baby tortoises can be found in the wild in these microclimates. It’s important to remember that the Indian Star tort is a tortoise, not an Indian turtle or an Indian turtle for sale. Indian star tortoise images

All of our baby tortoises for sale online at Ranchofexoticbreeds are captive bred. Our captive bred tortoises and turtles for sale receive the best possible care thanks to the presence of a biologist on-site. Our customer support staff provides the same level of caring guidance to our customers.

We specialize in captive bred tortoises for sale as tortoise breeders. Both infant and adult tortoises are available for purchase at Ranchofexoticbreeds. The best approach to shop for tortoises is by size, as we have the widest assortment of captive bred tortoises anywhere.

When making your purchase, keep in mind the adult size! Although all baby tortoises are little and cute, some grow to be 4 inches long and others to be 24 inches long! Based on how big it will grow to full maturity, choose the size turtle that best fits your lifestyle.

Indian-Star Tortoise For Sale

Indian star tortoise


Choosing a new tortoise can be challenging with so many options, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are several methods for compiling a list of your favorite species and selecting a new member of the shelled family. The majority of the time, consumers choose their new tortoise based on size or price. Keep in mind that, on average, the larger the tortoise, the lower the cost.

This isn’t always the case, though. The Giant Aldabra, for example, is the largest but also the most expensive captive bred tortoise available for purchase at Ranchofexoticpets. Egyptians, for example, are little and only have one or two clutches per year. As a result, they tend to be on the higher end of the scale. Sulcatas, for example, are quite abundant, lay 3-40 eggs per clutch, and are hence the most affordable of all the species.


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All of our tortoises, including young tortoises, come with a 7-day HEALTH GUARANTEE! Shop with confidence, knowing that Ranchofexoticbreeds will deliver the greatest quality baby tortoise to you anywhere in the United States and the world. All of our reptiles for sale are shipped in insulated shipping boxes that are either heated or chilled. Our captive bred tortoises are shipped via UPS or FedEx Early morning Priority overnight delivery. On the day of shipping, our products leave our facility at 7 p.m. and arrive at your doorstep the next morning.


As tortoise breeders, we are pleased to sell exclusively captive-bred baby tortoises and are the greatest tortoise breeders in the United States. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a tortoise to buy online in the United States. If you’re looking for a tortoise to buy online or a captive bred baby tortoise for sale, you’ve come to the right place!

100% Live Arrival Guarantee

All of our animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. We also guarantee that the animal’s sex corresponds to what was reported at the time of purchase. However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. Continue reading

However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. These circumstances include the following:

1. On the initial delivery attempt, the buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the parcel (COURIER provides time of delivery stamp).

2. A shipping delay caused by carrier carelessness.

3. Temperatures below 32°F or above 99°F at the hub or destination.

4. Customers must pick up animals held for pickup at a COURIER site the same day they arrive. (A photo ID must be provided, and it must match the shipping name.)

5. An incorrect delivery address was entered during checkout, resulting in a shipping delay and rerouting.

6. If the Hold For Pickup option was utilized, all Live Arrival Guarantee requests must be submitted within 30 minutes of the product being dropped off by COURIER or within 30 minutes of the package being picked up at Hub.

Isopods sent in temperatures exceeding 85°F are not covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee.

If your animal dies in transit, we will require you, the buyer, to send a picture of the deceased animal on its back and to inform us as soon as possible after receiving the shipment. Within 30 minutes of the delivery time stamp, this must be provided.  Star tortoise, Indian start tortoise price, star tortoise for sale

The live arrival guarantee is only valid during the shipping period and is null and void after you receive the animal. Indian star tortoise for sale

Only the cost of the animal will be covered by the live arrival guarantee; the cost of shipping will not be covered. The buyer is responsible for the price of shipping replacement animals. The buyer is solely responsible for the animal’s well-being once it has been vetted and approved. Ranch Of Exotic Breeds shall not be held liable for any veterinary expenses spent by the buyer, as well as the animal’s upkeep and maintenance. Indian star tortoise price



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