Hight Back Golden Arowana

Hight Back Golden Arowana


Hight Back Golden Arowana

Bony tongues, another name for arowanas, are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae (the latter name is now frequently reserved for Arapaimidae). The elongated body of this family of fish is coated in thick, heavy scales and has a mosaic pattern of canals. The skull is bony.

Size‎: ‎Up to 48 inches in the wild. (120 cm)
PH‎: ‎6.0 to 7.5
Tank‎: ‎72 inches
Breeding‎: ‎They have been bred in captivity.
Temperature‎: ‎75°F – 83°F (24°C – 28°C)


Hight Back Golden Arowana For Sale

Asian Arowana, also known as Hight Back Golden Arowana, are rare and noble fish that closely resemble the fabled Dragon of Ancient China. It is regarded as lucky and represents power, money, luck, and prosperity. It gives any aquarist good feng shui. With a life expectancy of over 20 years and a reputation as a wealth symbol throughout Asia, these fish are a stunning investment for the ideal tank. High back golden arowana lifespan

Specifications of Hight Back Golden Arowana

Species name: Scleropages formosus

Common Names: Super High Back Arowana

Max. size: 24 inches

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam

Temperament: Relatively non-aggressive towards fishes that are to big to be considered food.

Company: Larger non aggressive species.

Water parameters: pH 6.5-7.5, temperature 25-30°C / 77-86° F

Aquarium setup:

vast aquariums with plenty of open water for swimming. A stable top is required because this species jumps quite well. Given that this fish lives in the upper water, the design on the bottom is less significant. We appreciate a couple larger floating plants. High back golden arowana for sale

Because they are often startled and could damage themselves, arowanas should not be handled roughly. An adult Asian arowana will need around 6 months to recover a lost scale. High back golden arowana size

Feeding: Accepts all kind of live food

Breeding: have been bred in aquariums and then raised under strict supervision. In Asia, big outdoor ponds are often where Asian arowanas are bred.

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Buy Hight Back Golden Arowana for sale

Buy Hight Back Golden Arowana for sale

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Hight Back Golden Arowana

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