Cross back Golden Arowana

Cross back Golden Arowana


Cross back Golden Arowana
Arowana with Cross Back Golden scales features excellent Cross Back Golden scales that are huge, distinct, brilliant, reflective, and neat. As they mature into adults, they get more colored. Asian arowana with a crossback can reach a height of 90 cm (35 inches). It is just the best you could ever want to own and comes at a reasonable price. Southeast Asia is home to the Asian Arowana, a species of freshwater fish that inhabits still lakes, rivers, and streams.
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Cross back Golden Arowana

The Bukit Merah Lake in Perak, Malaysia is the source of the natural colorant variety known as Cross Back Golden Arowana and Cross Back Arowana. The Asian Arowana’s Cross Back variety is its most exquisite golden coloration. Additionally, throughout the lake, many populations in the smaller tributaries differ slightly from other populations. Like other Cross Back Arowana, while young, the gold rims of the scales only reach the fourth row of scales; but, as they mature, they extend outward until they reach the sixth level.

Thus, “Cross Back” refers to the “Golden coloration crossing over the back” of the object. The Full Gold Arowana has a center made of gold and an exterior rim of gold. When completely developed, a good specimen will look like a solid chunk of gold. Compared to other Cross Back Arowana variants, Full Gold Arowanas have lighter-colored fins and eyes. The speed at which the gold scale rims reach the sixth row of scales determines the grade of all Cross Back Gold Arowana.

Buy Cross back Golden Arowana for sale

Buy Cross back Golden Arowana for sale

What makes Golden Cross back Arowana Special

Golden Backcross Due to its dazzling gold color and shiny sheen, which shine under full-spectrum aquarium lighting, the arowana is unquestionably one of the most sought-after arowana breeds. The fish is a favorite cross back species that is well-liked by fans of arowanas, and due to its distinctive characteristic that exhibits an incredible display of coloring, it is without a doubt one of the most expensive species to sell. The cross back is distinguished from other breeds by a line of golden scales that crosses the uppermost scale, commonly known as the sixth scale, at the end of its body. The breed is rated according to the intensity of its color.

Actually, the arowana fish has a golden cross back variation that is seen in Asia. In addition to the yellow gold color foundation, skilled fish breeders have also created the cross back variant in blue and green. These days, a particular variant known as the 24K totally golden colored arowana exists thanks to considerable cross breeding efforts made by hobbyists.

A short glance would actually have you questioning whether the fish had actually been painted gold because of the pure gold hue that covers its entire body. The species originally surfaced in Malaysia and Singapore a few years ago, and it is now one of the best high grade fish, easily fetching a few thousand dollars, sometimes even more.

Gold Arowana

Dragons are also said to be immortal and have invincible abilities that will shield their owner from evil and negative events. Arowana must be raised and sold under licenses since they are an endangered species. Golden Arowanas come in two varieties: Red-Tail Golden Arowana and Golden Cross back Arowana. The Golden Cross back Arowana is more well-known, though. When the fish reaches maturity, it will have a beautiful golden color that connects at its back. The Golden Cross back Arowana is among the most costly Arowana fish because to its exquisite, golden scales, which resemble gold plates.

The red-tailed golden arowana is another type of golden fish. Even though it is thought of as a lower quality specimen and sells for a much lower price than a cross back, they nonetheless receive the same level of care as other arowana hobbyists. In contrast to the cross back, the red tail only has golden scales visible on the fourth and fifth levels, barely going past the sixth level, and has somewhat reddish-colored tail fins. super high back arowana

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Cross Back Golden Arowana FAQS

Buy Cross back Golden Arowana for sale

How big do golden cross back arowana get?

Large fish species, such as the Golden Crossback Arowana, can reach lengths of up to 90 cm (35 inches) and weights of over 6 kg (13 lbs). It has a long, slender body with broad scales that have a bright metallic gold color. The dorsal fin is the most noticeable of the long, flowing fins. difference between high back and crossback arowana

What does cross back mean in arowana?

Like other Cross Back Arowana, while young, the gold rims of the scales only reach the fourth row of scales; but, as they mature, they extend outward until they reach the sixth level. Thus, “Cross Back” refers to the “Golden coloration crossing over the back” of the object. high back red tail golden arowana price

Which arowana is biggest?

In comparison to the other varieties of Asian and African arowanas, silver arowanas require the largest enclosures due to their size, which can reach over 4 feet in length. high back golden arowana size

What is the biggest size arowana?

The dorsal and anal fins reach all the way to the short caudal fin, with which they are almost merged. This fish has comparatively big scales, a long body, and a tapered tail. Although 1.2 m (3.9 ft) is the reported maximum overall length, the species’ greatest total length is commonly thought to be 0.9 m (3.0 ft).

What is special about Arowana fish?

The Chinese believe that the Asian Arowana, also known as the dragon fish, will bring luck and riches because of its red color and scales that resemble coins. Arowanas, a type of tropical freshwater fish,

are among the most expensive exotic fish in the world for aquariums due to their beauty, strength, and appearance. Blue dragon fish

What is the English name of arowana?

Why has the arowana, often known as the dragon fish, become so valuable? The most costly aquarium fish in the world is the Asian arowana. It is a Southeast Asian tropical freshwater fish that can reach lengths of three feet in the wild. That is around a snowshoe’s size. Black dragon fish

Buy Cross back Golden Arowana for sale

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Cross back Golden Arowana

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