Chelonoidis carbonaria is a species of Chelonoidis.

sex: sexless

3 to 4 inches in length

Vegetables, fruit, and a well-prepared diet

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Each red foot tortoise with a cherry head for sale is a healthy, youthful animal. At our facility, our newborn pet tortoises are kept in ideal conditions. The cherry head red foot tortoise is a darker variation of the popular red footed tortoise from South America. It stands out because of its bright red head and legs. They reach a length of 14 to 18 inches and eat a wide diet of plants, fruits, and small amounts of animal protein.



Cherry Head Red Foot

Cherry Head Red Foot

Each red foot tortoise with a cherry head for sale is a healthy, youthful animal. At our facility, our newborn pet tortoises are kept in ideal conditions. The cherry head red foot tortoise is a darker variation of the popular red footed tortoise from South America. It stands out because of its bright red head and legs. They reach a length of 14 to 18 inches and eat a wide diet of plants, fruits, and small amounts of animal protein.

A Cherry Head Tortoise, also known as a Baby Cherry Head Red-Footed Tortoise, are available for purchase.

The Latin name for baby cherry head tortoises for sale, or cherry head red foot tortoises, is Geochelone carbonaria, because they are officially the same tortoise species as the infant red-footed tortoise. The care requirements for a baby cherry head red-footed tortoise for sale are the same as for a baby red foot tortoise. They are also closely related to the yellow-footed tortoise and are a smaller variation of the larger red-footed tortoise.

The red footed tortoise family’s cherry heads are the tiniest members. While red and yellow footed tortoises grow to be 11-14 inches long, cherry heads are typically 8-10 inches long when fully mature. The care of a cherry head tortoise is very similar to that of its cousins.

Tortoises for sale with Cherry Heads

Some people believe that the newborn cherry head tortoises were produced to look like miniature red-footed tortoises, although they are truly endemic to Brazil. Second, a smaller red footed tortoise variation known as the cherry head turtle for sale in the pet trade is an Eastern version with a red head. Finally, they’re called Brazilian cherry head tortoises. Brazilian baby Cherry head tortoises are commonly found around rivers and forest edges.

Red-footed tortoises for sale are popular pet tortoises, yet they’ve become a threatened species in the wild. The majority of the time, it’s because people catch them and sell them as pets. Finally, there are captive bred baby cherry head tortoises for sale, therefore you should never buy a wild-caught tortoise.

Cherry head red foot tortoise lifespan

In captivity, cherry head red-footed tortoises can live up to 50 years, and possibly even longer. They, like many other tortoise species, require a long-term commitment.

For sale is a feeding Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise.

Baby cherry head tortoises are omnivores in the wild. As a result, they eat a greater variety of foods than most other tortoise species. Keeping in mind that feeding a lot of animal protein is not a good idea. Mazuri tortoise food, along with high-quality greens, is provided twice weekly, which meets the protein requirements nicely. (For example, a fully developed cherry head red-footed tortoise weighs one ounce)

Most significantly, a range of fresh, dark leafy greens such as dandelion greens, endive, mustard greens, and escarole, as well as leafy and green vegetables and fruits (although keep in mind the calcium to phosphorus ratios of these greens), leafy and green vegetables, and fruits should be fed (they also tolerate fruit better than many other species). Finally, a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement should be added to the food a few times per week. We dust our food twice a week with a 50/50 mixture of calcium with D3 and reptile vitamins at Tortoise Town.

Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise Size

Adult red-footed tortoises with cherry heads are usually under 12 inches long. Cherry head tortoises, in fact, are the tiniest of the lot. (CH, red foot, yellow foot)

UVB Tortoise (Cherry Head Tortoise)

Did you know that Cherry Head tortoises, like red footed and yellow footed tortoises for sale, are forrest species? Most species of tortoises for sale require less UVB than cherry head red foots. They don’t require as much UVB exposure as other kinds of baby turtle for sale because they’re a forrest species with a diversified diet.

For sale is a baby Cherry Head turtle that is on a diet.

Cherry heads, unlike several other species, enjoy a diversified diet that includes more protein than most pet tortoise species for sale. Collard, mustard, and beet greens are among the greens we feed. Mazuri tortoise chow is also available for its vitamin D3 and protein content. Finally, fresh fruit is always included in our Cherry Head feedings. cherry head red foot tortoise enclosure

At least once a week, provide fruit such as papaya, strawberry, apple, and melon. The colorful markings on the Cherry Head are supposed to be the result of a variety of high-vitamin fruits. Both ref feet and cherry heads consume everything under the sun in the wild, even carrion!

Tortoises for sale – Cherry Head Tortoise – Humidity

All species of young tortoises, but especially red feet and cherry heads, require a high level of humidity. We keep our infant Cherry head tortoises for sale at the tortoise farm in the 80 percent humidity level. For all of our cherry head tortoises, we reduce the percentage to 65-75 percent as they mature. If you’re having difficulties keeping your reptiles happy, try utilizing a reptile fogger. Reptile foggers will make maintaining high humidity in your cherry head tortoise environment much easier.

Tortoise with a Baby Cherry Head – Water

Fresh water should always be available to your young cherry head tortoise. For anything really shallow, a terra-cotta dish works great. Make sure your baby tortoise can get in and out of the water dish with ease. Because newborn tortoises drown so easily, it’s essential to keep them in shallow water. Prepare to clean if you find your tortoise soaking or swimming in the dish. They frequently poop while in there, so be prepared. cherry head red foot tortoise habitat

Regardless of water access, soak your baby tortoise for 10-12 minutes every day in shallow 82-85 degree water until it is at least 18 months old. Providing the right amount of water and humidity can also aid in your tortoise’s ability to maintain a bowling ball-like smooth shell.

Lifespan of a Cherry Head Tortoise

When properly cared for, a cherry head tortoise for sale can live for many years. Although no one knows for sure how long a Cherry Head red footed tortoise will live, 50-100 years is a reasonable estimate.

Tortoise with a Cherry Head

In average, cherry head tortoises for sale will grow to be between 8 and 11 inches long. They are smaller than their red-footed or yellow-footed relatives. Cherrys are the most colorful and tiniest of the fruits, hence they are also the most popular! cherry head red foot tortoise care

Where will you put your new baby? Red-Footed Tortoise of Cherry Head Tortoise of Cherry Head Tortoise of Cherry Head Tortoise of Cherry Head Tor

This plant is native to the tropics and thrives in a humid environment. Outside, a solid, escape-proof cage can be created, and a sprinkler or mister can be utilized to boost humidity if necessary. Your tortoise will be able to crawl into a muddy wallow as well as a pan of pure water. A heavily vegetated area provides a cool respite as well as a natural environment.

Adult cherry head tortoises for sale can be housed in a doghouse-style shelter, which should be heated if nighttime temperatures dip below 65-70 degrees. For a baby cherry head turtle, daytime temperatures can comfortably reach 95 degrees.


All of our baby tortoises for sale online at Ranchofexoticbreeds are captive bred. Our captive bred tortoises and turtles for sale receive the best possible care thanks to the presence of a biologist on-site. Our customer support staff provides the same level of caring guidance to our customers.

We specialize in captive bred tortoises for sale as tortoise breeders. Both infant and adult tortoises are available for purchase at Ranchofexoticbreeds. The best approach to shop for tortoises is by size, as we have the widest assortment of captive bred tortoises anywhere. cherry head red foot tortoise diet

When making your purchase, keep in mind the adult size! Although all baby tortoises are little and cute, some grow to be 4 inches long and others to be 24 inches long! Based on how big it will grow to full maturity, choose the size turtle that best fits your lifestyle.


Choosing a new tortoise can be challenging with so many options, colors, and sizes to choose from. There are several methods for compiling a list of your favorite species and selecting a new member of the shelled family. The majority of the time, consumers choose their new tortoise based on size or price. Keep in mind that, on average, the larger the tortoise, the lower the cost.

This isn’t always the case, though. The Giant Aldabra, for example, is the largest but also the most expensive captive bred tortoise available for purchase at Ranchofexoticpets. Egyptians, for example, are little and only have one or two clutches per year. As a result, they tend to be on the higher end of the scale. Sulcatas, for example, are quite abundant, lay 3-40 eggs per clutch, and are hence the most affordable of all the species. cherry head tortoise vs red foot


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Cherry Head Red Foot

Cherry Head Red Foot


All of our tortoises, including young tortoises, come with a 7-day HEALTH GUARANTEE! Shop with confidence, knowing that Ranchofexoticpets will deliver the greatest quality baby tortoise to you anywhere in the United States and the world. All of our reptiles for sale are shipped in insulated shipping boxes that are either heated or chilled. Our captive bred tortoises are shipped via UPS or FedEx Early morning Priority overnight delivery. On the day of shipping, our products leave our facility at 7 p.m. and arrive at your doorstep the next morning.


As tortoise breeders, we are pleased to sell exclusively captive-bred baby tortoises and are the greatest tortoise breeders in the United States. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a tortoise to buy online in the United States. If you’re looking for a tortoise to buy online or a captive bred baby tortoise for sale, you’ve come to the right place!

100% Live Arrival Guarantee

All of our animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. We also guarantee that the animal’s sex corresponds to what was reported at the time of purchase. However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. Continue reading

However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. These circumstances include the following:

1. On the initial delivery attempt, the buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the parcel (COURIER provides time of delivery stamp).

2. A shipping delay caused by carrier carelessness.

3. Temperatures below 32°F or above 99°F at the hub or destination.

4. Customers must pick up animals held for pickup at a COURIER site the same day they arrive. (A photo ID must be provided, and it must match the shipping name.)

5. An incorrect delivery address was entered during checkout, resulting in a shipping delay and rerouting.

6. If the Hold For Pickup option was utilized, all Live Arrival Guarantee requests must be submitted within 30 minutes of the product being dropped off by COURIER or within 30 minutes of the package being picked up at Hub.

Isopods sent in temperatures exceeding 85°F are not covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee.

If your animal dies in transit, we will require you, the buyer, to send a picture of the deceased animal on its back and to inform us as soon as possible after receiving the shipment. Within 30 minutes of the delivery time stamp, this must be provided.

The live arrival guarantee is only valid during the shipping period and is null and void after you receive the animal.

Only the cost of the animal will be covered by the live arrival guarantee; the cost of shipping will not be covered. The buyer is responsible for the price of shipping replacement animals.

The buyer is solely responsible for the animal’s well-being once it has been vetted and approved. Ranch Of Exotic Pets shall not be held liable for any veterinary expenses spent by the buyer, as well as the animal’s upkeep and maintenance.

tortoise for sale near me, Cherry Head Red Foot

Cherry Head Red Foot

Cherry Head Red Foot


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