Tiliqua scincoides intermedia is their species.

sex: sexless

Approximately 15-25 grams in weight

6 to 10 inches in length

Insects, rodents, vegetables, and a prepared diet are all part of the diet.

Illustration: Illustration

Skinks, Exotic Pets, and Lizards are the different types of Categories.

Each young Northern blue tongue skink is hand-friendly, healthy, and has been nurtured in the best possible conditions. For novices of all ages, our baby Northern blue tongue skinks for sale make excellent starter pets. Our fancy Northern blue tongues may also be of interest to you.

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For sale is a Northern Blue Tongue Skink.

Are you looking for the most beautiful blue-tongue skink for sale on the internet? Northern baby blue tongue skinks for sale at are among the best in the country. As far as lizards go, Northern Blue tongued Skinks are a sociable, intelligent lot. They make excellent reptile companions. With proper handling and care, baby Blue tongue skinks for sale quiet down fast, are easily accustomed to confinement, and grow into a friendly, docile companion.

Skinks with blue tongues for sale – The Scincidae, or skink family, is one of the largest lizard families. The Tiliqua, or blue tongued skink, is the most well-known and popular of the pet skinks.

Blue tongued skinks come in a variety of species and subspecies, but they all have the same berry blue tongue. Skinks for sale with blue tongues are the most popular of all the skinks for sale on the internet. Our baby blue tongue skinks are captive bred and come from top genetic lines, making them some of the most beautiful blue tongues you’ll ever see!

Consider locating the correct captive bred blue tongue skink breeder before acquiring your new baby Halmahera blue tongue skink, or any baby skink for sale online. We deal with some of the best blue tongue skink lines in the United States as blue tongue skink breeders. All of our captive bred baby blue tongue skinks for sale online come with a full live arrival guarantee and a seven-day health guarantee.

Ranchofexoticbreeds is your source for the greatest quality baby blue tongue skink online you will find anywhere, with a biologist ON SITE! Order up to four animals and pay just $39.95 for shipping! All of our reptiles for sale online are shipped in heated/cooled containers through UPS and FedEx year-round, departing our facility at 7 p.m. and arriving at your doorstep by 10:30 a.m.

Northern Blue Tongue Skink.

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks are the most popular and sought-after of all blue tongued skink species for sale. Northern Blue Tongue Skinks , or Northern BTS for Sale, are fantastic pet reptiles. Consider a blue tongue skink breeder, such as Ranchofexoticbreeds, for the best and healthiest newborn Northern blue tongue skinks for sale when looking or searching for where to buy a Northern Blue Tongue skink. Northern Blue Tongue Skinks are the largest of the blue tongue skink subspecies, preferring tropical or savannah forests. Australia is home to Northern Blue Tongue Skinks.

Northern Blue Tongue Diet and Feeding

Skinks with blue tongues eat a variety of foods (eating both plant and animal matter). We recommend that you feed your newborn blue tongue skink a diversified diet that includes at least 50% plant matter and 50% animal protein. This will provide a balanced food for your newly purchased baby Northern blue tongue skink. Using frozen mixed veggies, various greens, and modest portions of high-quality dog chow are all choices. In addition, give crickets and mealworms to insects. Finally, you can feed frozen mice that have been thawed and killed. Clean and fresh water should be provided on a daily basis to all reptiles.

Land snails, carrion, insects, wild vegetables, berries, fruits, and plant materials are the main foods of blue tongue skinks in the wild. They aren’t cunning predators, but rather omnivorous opportunists who devour whatever they can get their hands on. Until they are roughly a year old, baby blue tongue skinks for sale are more carnivorous/insectivorous.

Dog food is an option, and it’s not a bad one! They can be employed because many cat and dog meals contain omnivorous ingredients. Finally, most breeders and caretakers of blue tongue skinks give their animals cat or dog food as a mainstay. Over half of the diet is made up of staple foods. I give my newborn blue tongue skinks a range of dog, cat, and other meals.

Northern Blue Tongued Skink (Baby) Dimensions:

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks are the largest of the blue tongue skinks. It can grow to be 24 to 27 inches long. It contains horizontal stripes that are usually chestnut in color, with orange-shaded off-centered patterns on the sides. The legs are gray and unmarked, just like the Eastern. This subspecies is often the best choice if you want a manageable companion due to their milder attitude. Indonesian blue tongue skink for sale near me

Northern Blue Tongue Skink – Habitat and Enclosure for Sale:

In a 10-gallon tank, most babies can be kept. Adult blue tongue skinks should be housed in aquariums with a capacity of 40 to 55 gallons or similar enclosures.

Habitat of the Blue Tongue Skink – Temperature:

During the day, a temperature gradient of 75°-85°F should be established, with a basking region of 90°-95°F. At night, the temperature should not drop below 70°F.

Skinks for sale in Northern Canada – Heating:

Your new baby blue-tongue skink for sale, like most reptiles, will need to thermoregulate its body temperature. Your blue tongue will be able to maintain the perfect temperature by using hot and cold areas. Basking lamps, infrared heat bulbs, ceramic emitters, and under tank heaters and panels can all be used to keep the habitat at a comfortable temperature. Because of the significant risk of burns to the blue-tongue skink, it’s best to avoid using hotrocks. This can happen as a result of overheating caused by faulty heat rocks.

UV Lighting for Blue Tongue Skinks

Full spectrum UVB radiation is essential and should be utilized for most diurnal species. Special fluorescent bulbs or newer Active UV lights can be used to achieve this. Active UV lights also emit heat, which may eliminate the need for additional heat sources. blue tongue skink size

Substrate: Blue Tongue Skink

Our preferred blue tongue skink substrate is cypress mulch. Forest Floor brand cypress mulch is available here, and we highly suggest it! We advise you to stay away from cedar and pine (as these may cause long term health issues). You can also utilize peat moss and sand mixtures, as well as indoor/outdoor carpeting, as substrates.

Maintenance of the Blue Tongue Skink’s habitat:

Keep your blue tongue skink habitat clean by providing fresh, clean water. Monthly break down cleaning is also made much easier with spot cleaning. If at all possible, spot clean on a daily basis. A thorough cleaning should be done on a monthly basis at the very least. blue tongue skink for sale cheap

Northern Blue Tongue Skink


100% Live Arrival Guarantee

All of our animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. We also guarantee that the animal’s sex corresponds to what was reported at the time of purchase. However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. Continue reading

However, there are several conditions under which the live arrival guarantee is void. These circumstances include the following:

1. On the initial delivery attempt, the buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the parcel (COURIER provides time of delivery stamp).

2. A shipping delay caused by carrier carelessness.

3. Temperatures below 32°F or above 99°F at the hub or destination.

4. Customers must pick up animals held for pickup at a COURIER site the same day they arrive. (A photo ID must be provided, and it must match the shipping name.)

5. An incorrect delivery address was entered during checkout, resulting in a shipping delay and rerouting.

6. If the Hold For Pickup option was utilized, all Live Arrival Guarantee requests must be submitted within 30 minutes of the product being dropped off by COURIER or within 30 minutes of the package being picked up at Hub.

Isopods sent in temperatures exceeding 85°F are not covered by the Live Arrival Guarantee.

If your animal dies in transit, we will require you, the buyer, to send a picture of the deceased animal on its back and to inform us as soon as possible after receiving the shipment. Within 30 minutes of the delivery time stamp, this must be provided.

The live arrival guarantee is only valid during the shipping period and is null and void after you receive the animal.

Only the cost of the animal will be covered by the live arrival guarantee; the cost of shipping will not be covered. The buyer is responsible for the price of shipping replacement animals.

The buyer is solely responsible for the animal’s well-being once it has been vetted and approved. Ranch Of Exotic Breeds shall not be held liable for any veterinary expenses spent by the buyer, as well as the animal’s upkeep and maintenance.  Lizards for sale, Pet lizards for sale, Skink for sale, Northern blue tongue skink



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