Blood Red Arowana

Blood Red Arowana


Blood Red Arowana

Scleropages, a genus of freshwater fish, is home to a number of different species in Asian Arowana. According to some sources, these variants can be divided into several species, each of which has its own unique strain. Scleropages formosus, often known as the Asian Arowana, is a long-legged, water-smart fish. We are an ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited enterprise that breeds and exports Asian arowana, freshwater stingrays, and freshwater Tropicana fish.

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Blood Red Arowana

Southeast Asia is home to the Asian Arowana, a species of freshwater fish that lives in still lakes, rivers, and streams. Younger arowana eat insects, while adults consume other fish.

Due to their likeness to the legendary Chinese dragon, these fish have gained popularity throughout Asia and are regarded as lucky by the Chinese.

Dragons are also thought to be immortal and possess unbreakable abilities that will defend their owner against evil or any negative events. As an endangered species, nevertheless.

The crimson Arowana is highly well-liked because the crimson color blends in well with the golden scales. They are also extremely uncommon since Blood Red Arowana produce fewer eggs per pregnancy than other Asian Arowana varieties, making them even rarer.

Natural Blood Red Arowana comes in two separate bloodlines, Chili Red and Blood Red Arowana, and both can be found in various regions of Indonesia. Although they are both the same, they have various red colors or tints.

Since the arowana resembles the mythical Chinese dragon, it is already a Feng Shui fish.

The Blood Red Arowana, however, is even more lucky since red or golden colors denote success and wealth.

Blood Red Arowana produces more Yang energy and also has a Fire Element. Yang energy can bring money to their owners and maintain their businesses operating at full capacity.

The Blood Red Arowana, however, is even more lucky since red or golden colors denote success and wealth. Blood Red Arowana produces more Yang energy and also has a Fire Element.

Yang energy can bring money to their owners and maintain their businesses operating at full capacity.

However, persons who have excessive Yang energy or things of the Fire Element shouldn’t carry a Blood Red Arowana around with them since excessive Yang energy is bad for them.

Additionally, the Five Elements should be balanced because having too much of each might be detrimental to the possessor.

There are a few traits you should look for while selecting a red arowana to retain.

Red fins alone are not a reliable predictor of a good Blood Red Arowana and are not always present.

Stronger coloration and darker tops are characteristics of high-quality red arowanas, which also frequently have a noticeable metallic shine. The Red Arowana fish’s quality may be very accurately determined by its body color and scale shine.

Looking for a Blood Red Arowana? You can contact us to find out more!

Blood Red Arowana for sale online A really lovely Blood Red Arowana with a deep, rich crimson color is frequently rated a Grade Q++. The entire gill cover is a deep red color that glitters. We will try to match the colors you are seeking for based on lineage using our selection of superior quality Arowana from any Asian farms. However, the fish must be at least 15 inches long to accommodate demands for certain colors. Deliveries of all of our fish include all certificates. Online stores sell Blood Red Arowana.

Typical Behavior of Blood Red Arowana

Although they mostly swim in the middle of the tank, they occasionally swim higher and lower. These fish are fiercely possessive and frequently engage in conflict with fish in the area, yet you may occasionally come across an Arowana with a calmer disposition. Any fighting will be avoided if they are each kept in their own tank. Hardy Blood Red Arowana can withstand a variety of environmental factors. Despite how they may appear, they are actually extremely simple to maintain. super red asian arowana price

Tank Mates

It can be challenging to find the ideal tank mates for a Blood Red Arowana, but there are several decent choices available. They must be capable of handling an erratic disposition. A few good aquarium mates include Oscars, Knifefish, Blood Parrot Cichlids, Convict Cichlids, Discus, Angelfish, Large Plecostomus, Catfish, Green Terrors, and Stingrays. This species’ mouth is enormous, and every fish that can fit inside will be consumed. So stay away from little tank companions like Tetras and Guppies.

The majority of freshwater invertebrates are little as well and will probably be eaten as snacks. Your Arowana will get in the way of any fish swimming in the top levels of the tank, putting them at greater risk. Blood red arowana size

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Arowana Fish FAQS

How do you take care of a Blood Red Arowana?

Being tropical fish, red arowanas need warm water that is between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH of the water should be between 6.0 and 7.0, which is considered neutral. To maintain tank cleanliness and water quality while housing these enormous fish, an effective filtration system is required.

How often should you feed an arowana?

To keep up with their quick development rate, small arowanas need to be fed high-quality food twice a day. As they get bigger, both their growth and metabolism slow down. Naturally, they will eat less and have a smaller appetite. Sub-adults could be fed to adults once a day.

What is special about Arowana fish?

The Chinese believe that the Asian Arowana, also known as the dragon fish, will bring luck and riches because of its red color and scales that resemble coins. Arowanas, a type of tropical freshwater fish, are among the most expensive exotic fish in the world for aquariums due to their beauty, strength, and appearance.

What is the requirement for arowana?

To replicate their natural habitat, they need a large tank. They will jump out of a small aquarium and might badly hurt themselves if that were to happen. While a full-sized arowana needs at least 250 gallons, a juvenile can be grown in a 60 gallon tank.

What food for arowana growth?

To avoid the accumulation of debris in the tank, it may be a good idea to keep your arowana with a suitable bottom feeder. Appropriate foods include the following: Mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, garden worms, insects, tiny frogs, fish, shrimp, and beef hearts

Does arowana need plants?

The majority of Arowanas like live aquarium plants and fine gravel substrate as tank décor. It is preferable to focus your plants and other decorations near the tank’s edges because the arowana need a lot of open room for swimming.

Do arowana need light at night?

Although lighting is not crucial, they should never be kept in complete darkness. If left in the dark, they will become frightened if a light turns on, and when they become frightened, their natural reaction is to jump. So, at night, we always had a modest light on. Like other arowanas, Asian arowanas are extremely sensitive to the quality of their water.

Does Arowana need oxygen?

The arowana can breathe air facultatively and can take oxygen from it by sucking it into its swim bladder, which has capillaries similar to those in lung tissue.

Does arowana need deworming?

Dewormer for Flowerhorn & Arowana: Deworming is necessary for all varieties of Flower Horn fish. The deworming procedure will eliminate all undigested food and proliferating parasites or bacteria that are pathogenic.

How do I know if my arowana is healthy?

Things to Look Out For

Arowana Scales ought to be entire and radiantly gleaming. Scale coloration must to be uniform and distinct. Scales shouldn’t be deteriorating. Any holes or injuries on the head should be absent. Arowana fish for sale, Asian arowana for sale

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Blood Red Arowana

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