Banjar Red Arowana Fish

Banjar Red Arowana Fish


Banjar Red Arowana Fish

With a CITES authorization, we breed and export Banjar red arowana fish. Additionally, we raise freshwater stingrays and Tropicana fish. We hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Your pleasure is guaranteed by our dedication to quality and the environment. Similar to the Yellow Tail or Green Arowana, the Banjar Red Arowana has a rounded red tail and metallic green scales. This Arowana is the most cheap because of its low cost and lovely hue. She is frequently referred to by hobbyists as 1.5 or Grade 2 Red.


Banjar Red Arowana Fish

The Banjar Red Arowana For Sale, Scleropages Formosus, has a tail that is bright red in shading and scales that are metallic green in shading, similar to the Yellow Tail or Green Arowana. This Arowana is the most reasonable due to its reasonable price and attractive shading. Because they are so lively, this species often causes individuals to behave erratically.

The Banjar-Red Arowana is another well-known fish because so many people adore it. Although we have Red Arowanas for sale that are different in nature, this one is very unique. Banjar-Red Arowana offers very quick delivery, especially to consumers in Europe. If you have any problems, please get in touch with us via email or online chat because our farm is always accessible for customers to come and see.

Tank Requirements for Banjar-Red Arowana

To prevent the Arowana from being alarmed by unexpected progress, their tank should be positioned in bottleneck areas with low traffic volume. Avoid making any sudden changes to the area around their tank. In a perfect world, lighting should be dimmed rather than abruptly turned on or off. Undoubtedly, a startled or angry Arowana can harm itself.

Cross Back Golden, Super Red, Red Tail, Golden, and Green Arowana are all types of arowana found in Asia. West Malaysia is where the Cross Back Golden Asian Arowana is born. These have the highest level of enthusiasm because it is known that they increase good karma. Banjar red arowana tanning

Other requirements for Asian Arowana fish for sale

Typical Tank configuration: A lot of swimming room is required. Use robust plants, bogwood or driftwood, and rock work to decorate. Plants with weak roots may be uprooted by an enraged Asian Arowana.

Minimum Aquarium Capacity Recommendation. A fully developed adult need an aquarium that is 250 gallons / 1000 litres or greater, but juveniles only require 55 gallons / 220 litres. Banjar red arowana size

6 or more juveniles can be maintained together, but 10 or more is preferable for compatibility. The same is true for adults, although this is risky because some individuals do not get along well with others who are similar to them. In addition to being maintained in groups, arowana should be kept alongside peaceful to moderately aggressive fish that cannot be eaten and won’t bother them. Banjar red arowana feng shui

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Banjar Red Arowana Fish

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