Python regius is a species of Python.

Weight ranges between 60 and 150 grams.

Medium mice, live and thawed from the freezer

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(Python Regius) are a smaller Python species that originated in West Africa. This Python species has become one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. Their adult size of 4-6 feet is ideal for snake keepers of all skill levels.

They are smaller than many other constricting snakes maintained as pets, growing to a maximum size of 3 to 5 feet. They are very docile and easy to handle.



Banana Ball Python,

Banana Ball Pythons are available for purchase. All of the pets for sale on our website are 100% captive-bred. Our captive bred babies for sale are bred for vibrant color and fed a high-quality diet to ensure proper growth. They are raised with the proper humidity and handled frequently, making them most docile and friendly for sale online anywhere!

For a new snake owner, they (Python regius) is a good choice. They are smaller than many other constricting snakes maintained as pets, growing to a maximum size of 3 to 5 feet. They are very docile and easy to handle. banana ball python size

They got their name from the fact that when frightened, they curl up into a tight ball and tuck their heads inside their coils. They grow roughly a foot every year over the first three years of their lives. With proper care, they can live a long time (up to about 50 years although 20 to 30 appears to be more typical).

Choosing the best breeders

When looking for a snake to buy, look for specialize breeders who only work with captive-bred babies and do not condone, sell, or work with wild-caught snakes. Hatchlings, well-started babies, and juvenile  are all available for sale from our captive bred. All of our young babies for sale online come with a full live arrival and 7-day health warranty, thanks to the presence of a BIOLOGIST ON-SITE.

We ship overnight with an early morning arrival using UPS or FedEx in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers. Up to four can be shipped with one shipping fee.

For sale are several amazing Babies.

Banana Pinstripe Ball Python

super banana, Pie for sale, albino for sale, piebald for sale, and albino enchi for sale are just a few of the beautiful ball pythons we have for sale online. We have a wide range of ball python morphs for sale, including babies, well-started babies, juveniles, and young adults.

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Banana ball python morphs for sale as babies

When buying a baby for sale online or in a pet store, be sure it’s a captive bred and not a wild caught specimen. Most importantly, we only work with 100% captive bred reptiles for sale online at Ranch Of Exotic Breeds, and we do not sell any wild caught, commonly known as “field collected” species.

Second, we always provide you with a healthy pets and provide free lifetime support. Finally, we are here to assist you! Because our customer support is available 24/7, feel free to contact us with any queries about how to care for your new pet. banana fire ball python

We have some very lovely babies as a result of decades of cage breeding. Above all, They are available for purchase at ranchofexoticbreeds and are captive bred. As a result, our captive-bred baby ball pythons for sale are bred for vibrant color and fed a high-quality diet to promote optimum development. As a result, banana ball python snake

we raise our balls with the right humidity and handle them frequently. Our baby balls are some of the most docile and friendly babies for sale anywhere on the internet! super banana ball python

The size of the newborn (Python regius) is another reason why they are suitable snakes for a new snake owner. They are not as enormous as other constricting breeds because they only develop to a maximum size of 3 to 5 feet. As a result, They make great pets because they are placid and easy to handle. banana ball python care


Banana Pinstripe Ball Python

Provide a basking spot temperature of 88 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit and an ambient temperature of 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for your baby. Temperatures should not go below 74 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s critical to know the exact temperature of the habitat or enclosure where your pet ball pythons for sale are kept. how big does a banana ball python get


Water is essential for all living things, including snake. Fresh, clean water is essential for your baby female banana ball python, as well as your juvenile or adult banana mojave ball python. Water is essential for all pets species and should be kept in the habitat at all times. Please make sure you’re not giving your baby any distilled water. banana mojave clown ball python

Humidity as a Pet

Humidity levels in your home fluctuate depending on where you reside and what season it is. In your own home, the humidity level will be between 30 and 50 percent on average. Surprisingly, a baby humidity should never fall below 50%. banana pastel pied ball python

We recommend keeping your humidity level between 55 and 60 percent at ranch of exotic breeds. In your baby habitat or setup, we strongly advise utilizing a hydrometer. Maintaining adequate humidity will allow your ball python to shed properly, which is crucial. chocolate banana ball python

Python Lighting in their Shape

like the majority of pet snakes for sale, are predominantly nocturnal and like most nocturnal reptiles, do not require UVB lighting in captivity to survive or thrive. They do not require UVB light because they are tropical snakes, but they do require a decent heat source in their habitat. They prefer a daytime temperature of 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and a nocturnal temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower. black pastel banana ball python

Banana Pinstripe Ball Python

Banana Pinstripe Ball Python

They do not usually require additional lighting. If it is used, it should be set to a 12/12 cycle, which means the lights should be turned on for 12 hours and then turned off for 12 hours. Also, keep in mind that, they are stressed by constant intense overhead illumination. This is especially true for snakes that are active at night, such as the pet ball python. They also appear to favor humidity levels of 50 to 60%. banana ball python lifespan


They are wellknown for their timid nature. They will spend a lot of time hiding if they are fearful or unfamiliar with human contact. A new baby may perceive you as a threat until it becomes accustomed to you. Do not be concerned; once they learn who you are, they will warm up to you. The main goal in the long run is to build trust between you and your new pet snake. axanthic banana ball python

Their Diet of a Baby 

In captivity, they eat largely rodents and will eat any little rodent they can catch in the wild and will typically overpower it in one bite. If they come to small nesting birds, they may consume them. Their Pet type can spend their entire lives in captivity eating mice or rats. corn snake, Pastel Ball Python for sale, banana albino ball python

Banana Ball Python,

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Banana Ball Python

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